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I then bring them to
you. You know the
routine by now if you have been on my list for a while.
This one is crazy.
A lot of people rightly so don
t want to see theory. They don
t want
to see subjective. A lot of the times when I come out with p
they are ideas for you to expand on. That is my way. I tell you
what is on my mind and let you run with it. Those that get it like
This product isn
t so much
heavy on
theory as it is just flat out
crazy simple and extremely effective. It isn
t about
potential for
you to run with
to potentially have success
. It just
the box
So for this one I left it to the last minute to show some results of
what is going on here
to prove that this is working as I type this
Would you believe that I
ranked not only on page 1
of Google
the number
one listing
in 6 seconds
on page 1?
This was not

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How Facebook decides what’s trending

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Scientists say they have proven the existence of gravitational waves — the ripples in space-time that stem from objects moving throughout the Universe. If true, it’s the first time these waves have been measured directly and marks one of the biggest scientific discoveries in decades.


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Pat is a wife. a mother and grandmother who has special skills helping others to be financially free.She has been successfully training and developing entrepreneurs since 1979. Pat loves to work with dedicated, talented people who are committed to a better life, A More Meaningful Life. „You can become anything you choose and believe you can be“, Pat has often stated. „People are tired of the rat race, are looking for a better way to live their lives“. Pat remains to this very day, more excited than ever to show you how you can make your dreams come true. If you are a committed person, honest with integrity, a dream, and a desire for something better, you could be fortunate to become one of Pat’s students. Contact her to be placed on a waiting list to see if you qualify as one of her star students.

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