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6 FREE Facebook Marketing Tools to Juice Up Your Campaigns

We all want to squeeze more juice out of our Facebook marketing campaigns, but plenty of barriers stand in the way. Some of us are struggling to identify what changes we need to make to get more visibility and traction for our Facebook posts. Others know exactly what they want to implement, but don’t have the resources or the manpower to pull it off. Luckily, there’s a whole host of Facebook marketing tools out there to relieve you of these burdens!

Here are six super-effective Facebook marketing tools that you can leverage to boost your Facebook performance. Even better, they’re all completely free! (But check out our top paid Facebook ad tools too!)

Facebook Marketing Tool #1: DrumUp

We all know it’s important to post a steady stream of interesting, relevant content to your Facebook wall. However, it can be a huge pain to actually get out and hunt down share-worthy stuff.

Now you can outsource the scavenging to DrumUp and cross this task right off your to-do list! This free tool identifies engaging stories that are fit for your audience, ranks them and then queues them up to be shared on your social media accounts.


To get started, all you have to do is provide a list of relevant keywords. The service scours the web for stories related to these keywords and provides them in a content feed. See a story that you like? Give it a click and DrumUp will add it to your share queue. It will even select an optimal time for the post to be shared.

drumup posting tool

If you wish to customize it, you can click into the post and add a comment along with the headline, adjust the date and time of the post, include a recommended hashtag upload an image and even schedule the post to be repeated again in the future!

In addition to the content the tool recommends, you can also create your own, unique posts, meaning you can use this tool to manage ALL of your Facebook shares.

Facebook Marketing Tool #2: Likealyzer

likealyzer report

How’s that for a kick in the pants?

LikeAlyzer, powered by the folks at Meltwater, provides an in-depth assessment of your Facebook page performance, coupled with super-actionable recommendations on how you can boost engagement with your brand. Unlike many other free tools, you don’t have to turn over any personal information to attain the assessment. Simply plug in your page URL and it will be automatically generated within seconds.

deep dive likealyzer report

The report is user-friendly and provides clear insights into what is and isn’t working for your Facebook account. As you can see, we’re posting at least once a day, but our posts could get way more engagement if we varied the type of content, shared at different times of day and asked more questions to our audience. These simple adjustments could make a big impact on our performance!

In addition, LikeAlyzer shows you how your page stacks up to those of “Similar Brands,” so you can get a good feel for how much attention competitors are paying to their Facebook presence.

MORE: 10 Smart & Easy Facebook Marketing Ideas

Facebook Marketing Tool #3: Canva

 canva examples

Just a few examples of what Facebook marketers are creating through this free tool.

This design tool comes in handy any time you need to create a custom image, an activity that you’ll find yourself doing pretty frequently if you’re managing your company’s Facebook marketing efforts.

I love Canva because it’s incredibly intuitive. It offers pre-sized templates for Facebook page covers, posts and app covers. Once you’ve selected your template, you can drag-and-drop a variety of design elements (images, text, and shapes) to populate it and voila—you’re all set!

canva layouts

Canva’s pre-designed layouts, many of which are free!

Don’t have an eye for design? I feel your pain. The first couple of Canva images I created myself were nothing short of heinous. Luckily, the team at Canva is sympathetic to our shortcomings! Their online Design School includes a wealth of tips and tutorials to help users create more beautiful images for content marketing and social media. Still struggling? You can always snag one of their pre-designed layouts (some are free, some cost a small fee) and adjust the text to make it fit your needs.

Facebook Marketing Tool #4: Facebook Power Editor

The folks at Facebook designed this free marketing tool specifically for sophisticated advertisers who are managing multiple campaigns and ads. If you’re frustrated with the limitations of the standard Facebook Ads interface, this is for you!

facebook power editor

With Power Editor, you can quickly build and duplicate campaigns, ad sets and ads. It allows you to edit all of your ad sets within the same window, making it easy to adjust granular details like copy variations, placement targeting and conversion tracking. Once you’ve created all of your campaigns, you can set them live at the same time and they’re typically approved within minutes. All in all, this is a seamless process that helps you get multiple new Facebook ads into production way more efficiently than you can in Ad Manager.

 facebook power editor beta access

Even more exciting, as a Power Editor user, you have the opportunity to be an early adopter of new ad tools. Typically, Facebook does a test run of all new products in Power Editor to gauge their popularity before building them into the standard interface. This can give you a leg up on competitors.

Facebook Marketing Tool #5: Headline Analyzer

Marketers know that a post’s headline can make or break its performance. We take painstaking efforts to create eye-catching, compelling headlines for blog posts and ad copy, and would be crazy not to do the same for Facebook shares! The problem is, it can be tough to predict what headlines will work best for your audience—that’s where Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer comes in handy.

headline analyzer

Once you’ve brainstormed a potential headline, plug it into this tool. It’ll spit out an overall score for your headline, along with a detailed assessment of its structure, character count, sentiment and previews of what it would look like in email subject lines and ad copy. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of this tool is the link provided in each section that offers tips, examples and case studies.

If you’re not a natural wordsmith, this is the Facebook tool for you. It teaches you everything you need to know to craft headlines like the best of the content marketers!

Facebook Marketing Tool #6: Timeline Contest Manager

Contests are a great way to promote engagement with your Facebook page, but organizing them yourself can be a complete nightmare. Agorapulse’s Timeline Contest Manager streamlines the process for you. It enables advertisers to launch an unlimited number of contests on their timelines, ranging from quizzes to photo contests to sweepstakes.

timeline contest manager

To get started, select an existing post that announces the contest that you wish to promote.

contest options

Next, pick the type of contest that you wish to run. You’ll be prompted to include the winning criteria and the tool will scan the post to help you identify your winners!

While this seems to be the most popular of Agorapulse’s free tools, they also offer a Facebook Page Barometer and Agorapulse Academy, which are definitely worth checking out!

Have you found other free Facebook tools out there that you love? Feel free to share your recommendations in the comments section!

BONUS! Facebook Advertising Opportunity Calculator

Have you been contemplating building a Facebook campaign but are just not sure whether it’s worth your while? Our new Facebook Opportunity Calculator will analyze your Facebook Business Page to help you determine exactly how much traction you could be getting through paid social ads.

worstream facebook calculator

Even better, we’ll help you understand how much cash you’ll need to fork over to Facebook to reach these people (spoiler alert: it’s probably way less than you think!).

cost of facebook ads

Finally, we’ll show you how you can leverage Facebook remarketing to gain more conversions from those who have already demonstrated interest in your site. Ready to give it a whirl? Connect your account here.

About the Author

Erin Sagin is a PPC Evangelist and Community Manager at WordStream. She was named the 3rd Most Influential PPC Expert of 2015 by PPC Hero. When she’s able to take a break from paid search, you’ll find her practicing her hula-hooping skills or planning her next trip to Latin America. You can follow Erin on Twitter and Google+.

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Covert Store Builder – The World’s First Intelligent, Self Optimizing WordPress Affiliate Store Theme

Covert Store Builder – The World’s First Intelligent, Self Optimizing WordPress Affiliate Store Theme

This is a time limited special offer. This offer may be closed down at ANY TIME &
the price WILL go up very soon!
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Covert Store Builder

We will soon be selling the Covert Store Builder Theme for $97 or more. But
you will save over 50% when your order from this special page today!

From: Soren Jordansen, John Merrick & Cindy Battye aka The IM Wealth Builders
RE: How To Cash In With Your Own Network Of Viral & Profitable Affiliate Stores

The economy has been tanking since 2008 and every single day we get reminded about it with our daily dose of bad news from around the world… Fiscal cliffs in the US, Eurozone Crisis, mass unemployment etc.

But amidst declining consumer confidence and stagnating retail sales… One industry is actually bucking the trend and growing very fast…

eCommerce and online retail is blooming, and every day more and more people choose to do their shopping online.

Amazon is of course the 800lb gorilla in online retail – just take a look at these jaw dropping stats…

That is some truly insane numbers.

And even though Amazon is big… they are only one player in a huge market worth over $1 trillion a year and growing fast!

Most of the big online retail networks, Amazon included, have affiliate programs. They will pay you a % of every order placed by visitors you send to them through your affiliate links.

Now you may have looked at for example Amazon’s affiliate program before and thought to yourself that it did not seem very interesting… after all they only pay between 4% to 10% commissions right?

I know this may sound weird… but this is actually better than your usual run of the mill digital info product offering 50%, 75% or maybe even 100% commissions!

The reason…

Unlike most info products… A site like Amazon has products that EVERYONE both want and need. Nowadays you could actually live your entire life only shopping from Amazon.

No matter what your audience is – you would be able to sell them something from Amazon or similar sites.

Amazon is also the uncrowned king of upsells – they are extremely good at getting people to buy more than one item at a time – and those 4-10% commissions rack up fast!

They have the „these items are frequently purchased together“ thing going, not to mention the minimum order required to qualify for free shipping.

Bottom line… all the big super affiliates already know that selling physical products from sites like Amazon is the secret key to earning the big affiliate paychecks!

So how do you get started on this?

Plenty of more or less ethical marketers have released so called Amazon affiliate themes over the last couple of years… Understandable since Amazon is a buzz word and that means loads of potential buyers for good affiliate themes

Unfortunately the hype was seldom justified.

Earning the big affiliate paychecks, takes a lot more than just displaying some auto blogged Amazon products in a grid!

And odds are pretty good that you have a few of these „Azon“ this or „Zon“ that themes, collecting virtual dust on your hard drive… And the only commission they have ever generated was the one for the affiliate who recommended them to you!

But if we already know what doesn’t work – then surely we also know…

At the start of 2013 we began researching all the biggest eCommerce and affiliate stores out there… looking for common traits that would explain their success.

We ended up with an impressive feature list and then went about creating the ultimate affiliate store platform, incorporating all these common traits.

And as you may know… we are huge fans of WordPress. Not only is WP both easy and free to use… Google also loves the WP platform so it’s great for SEO and getting free traffic too.

Plus with 3 previous best selling WP themes under our belt it made sense for us to pull on that experience and incorporate the best features from our previous work too.

6 months of grueling development and testing later… We are 100% confident that we have succeeded in creating the ultimate affiliate store builder.

And we are extremely proud to be able to introduce…

The Covert Store Builder Theme

First of all… If you haven’t done so already… I highly recommend that you watch the video at the top of this page, where I give a completely walkthrough demo of how this powerful theme works.

But if you prefer to read that is ok too 🙂

Covert Store Builder is a super simple to use WordPress theme and it only takes one click install! That means it will work on any computer, all you need in order to use it, is a self hosted WordPress blog.

As you can see in the screenshot below – I used the theme to set up an affiliate store selling kitchen supplies and cookware – as a foodie that is something I have a personal interest in.

But you can use the Covert Store Builder to build affiliate stores in ANY niche you want!

… including single niches or a big store covering multiple niches like for example Amazon itself does.

Anyway… I’m sure you’ll have to agree that the design looks very crisp, clean and professional!

However, the best part is that I did not write a single word on that page myself! It’s all products and content imported straight from Amazon and other affiliate networks… I’ll show you how that works in a bit.

The look above is how a Covert Store Builder site looks „out of the box“… Yep, your first site will look this good without you having to fiddle with any settings to achieve it!

But of course we built in the option to customize anything you want… all the options are on one simple page and can be changed with just a few clicks of your mouse!

The screenshot above shows just a few of the settings you can easily change from the „Theme Options“ page – these include:

  • Setting a custom header or background image (or color)
  • Edit any color anywhere on your blog, with a simple point & click color selector tool
  • Turn the widget ready sidebars on/off for all your pages and posts (show them to the left or right)
  • Change the text on all your menus, categories, buttons etc.
  • Select how to order your posts on the front page – exclude/include posts and categories
  • And much more…

And this even includes 5 premade templates. You simply click on one of them and all the color settings in your theme will automatically change.

This is the easiest way to change the look of an entire theme you have ever seen!

But that’s just the look – the real power lies in what this theme can do!

And with the Covert Store Builder you can…

That’s right…

Straight out of the box – the Covert Store Builder theme comes with all the functionality of the big ecommerce sites.

  • Your visitors can browse your sites and search for products they like
  • They can join your site as members and they will automatically be added to your autoresponder!
  • They can add products to their wish list for later and even share their wish list with their friends!
  • Covert Store Builder is self optimizing, automatically showing the most popular products first – maximizing your profits!
  • And much more…

And this is NOT some fake theme that imitates a real eCommerce site…

We’ve stretched WordPress to the limit… and then some!

Coding you an affiliate store theme that allows you to…

Adding products to your new store could not be any easier…

You simply choose what keyword to search for on which networks (and how many results you want to get)

The theme then gives you a list of products, with all the details you need.

All you have to do is check the box next to the products you want to import – select which category to import too – and whether you want to import as drafts (for later editing/publishing) or as posts that go live immediately.

You can literally fill your new store with great selling products in mere minutes… Without ever having to write a single word!

After you have added some products, the real power of the theme kicks in – because this is…

No more guessing what will convert best to your visitors.

The theme will track impressions and clicks for every single product in your store…

And by default it will automatically show the most popular products at the top of your store!

This feature will continuously maximize your conversion rates and profits on complete autopilot!

This is not only for the home page either… you can choose to show only your best converting products in the
featured products rotator at the top of your page.

instantly increase your sales and conversions by showing your visitors exactly what they are most likely to buy, as the first thing they see when they visit your site!

Notice the „+ Add To Wish List“ links in the screenshots above?

When your visitors click on that link to use the feature, they will be prompted to login or create an account on your site.

That means you will have…

As I said when your visitors click the „+ Add To Wish List“ links they will be asked to login – and if they haven’t signed up yet they can easily do so from the sexy lighbox pop-up join form.

And since the wish list function is very handy and a large chunk of your visitors will join your site in order to enhance their shopping experience…

They can then bookmark products they like for later shopping – like this…

Not only will this increase your conversion rates… It will also help ensure that your visitors return to shop at your store over and over again!

But the real magic happens when your members start sharing their wish lists with their friends.

Notice the share this wish list links on the screenshot above?

Your visitors can build a wish list, for example for X-mas, birthdays, weddings etc. and then share it with their friends on social media or via email.

Their friends will then land on a page like this…

Making it super easy for them to buy gifts for their friend… and of course you will earn a commission every time they do so!

But even better…

The wish list will have your members automatically generating traffic, sales and new customers for you, every time they use the feature!

And that’s not even the best part!

When someone joins your site, Covert Store Builder can automatically send them a welcome email – and as you see below you can fully customize that email.

Including a P.S. like in the email above where you can promote a product from your store, or something else related to you niche.

And with just a single click you can manually export all your members as leads!

The export generates a handy .csv file which is exactly what you need to easily add them to any autoreponder service like for example Aweber and GetResponse.

But we took it one step further… and custom coded something I have never seen in any other WordPress theme! With Covert Store Builder you can…

Yes, with a super simple setup that’s fully integrated with all the big auto responders (and works will all the others too)…

…You can automatically and instantly add ALL your members to your autoresponder list of choice!

This way you can email them whenever you want – keep them coming back to your store and/or sell products to them directly.

People always say that „the money is in the list!“… and that’s 100% true.

And with Covert Store Builder you will automatically build a list of customers… and since they signed up to join your store you know exactly what they are interested in buying!

Being able to sell to the same people again and againwithout extra effort or cost – is the secret key to super affiliate success.

Covert Store Builder is more than your own affiliate store – it just became…

And not only will you make money every time one of your visitors or members buy one of the products you have added to your store.

The theme comes with 8 widget ready areas – including sidebars for all posts and pages and footer.

Use these to add any WP widgets, ads, optin forms etc… Including these two custom inbuilt widgets that will help you make even more affiliate sales!

Covert Store Builder also has inbuilt theme ads.

You can use these for anything you want, including for example Google Adsense.

Simply configure how many ads you want to display and where – then put in the code for your ads…

And your ads will show up in between the product listings in your store… ready to make you even more money!

As you can see we have thought about everything for Covert Store Builder.

You stores will get members!

You will build a list!

And you will make sales & earn money!

There’s only one component missing… in order to kickstart all this your stores of course need traffic.

But don’t worry we have that covered too!

On top of the automatic social traffic the wish list function will generate for your store…

Both you and your members… and indeed anyone who visits your Covert Store Builder sites can share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ & LinkedIn!

From the front page they can also click to follow you on all the social networks or subscribe to your RSS feed – giving you another way to reach your customers over and over again…

And finally… We’ve saved the best bit for last!

The Covert Store Builder theme lets your visitors comment on your post using Facebook comments!

Not only will this result in more comments and social engagement from your users – because they are familiar with Facebook comments and love to use them

It will also result in free links and loads of viral traffic to your store.

Because every time someone comments on a product in your store – the product will be posted on their Facebook wall complete with a link back to your store!

And notice how, if people comment on that Facebook post, the comment will also automatically be added to your store!

Getting people to share and comment on the products in your store is easy…

Especially if you build niche stores that center around a single topic – like I did with the cooking supplies store above.

It’s much easier to get people to engage when they are interested in everything in your store – as opposed to only a few items.

And luckily for you…

You CAN build as many niche affiliate stores as you want, because…

For the next few people who order we’re going to add…

Yep, you read that right!

If your order the Covert Store Builder theme from this special page today, we’ll even include multi-site and site flipping license at no extra cost!

That means you can…

    • Use Covert Store Builder on as many of your own blogs as you like – existing and future ones!


  • You can even use Covert Store Builder on blogs you build for clients or on blogs you flip for profit!

And since we really would love to see you be successful with out theme, we’re also going to include…

You get…

    • Step-By-Step Set Up Guide: this PDF will walk you step by step through how to set up a Covert Store Builder site. It’s so detailed you could just hand it to an outsourcer and tell them to „go build!“


    • Full Video Tutorials: showing you how to install the theme. Plus walking you through all the technical stuff you need to know in order to run a profitable affiliate store.


    • Easy To Follow Help File: with explanations and descriptions of all the settings and functions in the Covert Store Builder theme.


And there are indeed other affiliate store scripts and themes on the market.

The one that comes closest to Covert Store Builder will cost you $49.99 per month – for a SINGLE site license!

And here’s the kicker…

This stupidly expensive script was so hard to use, that even John (our head programmer) had to throw in the towel… and it didn’t even come with half the features we have included in our theme

It wasn’t a super simple 1-click install WordPress theme that could run a fully fledged affiliate store at the same time.

And it certainly did not come with the extremely powerful self optimising and inbuilt traffic generation features!

But here’s the really good news… we’re not going to charge you even close to what they were asking for their inferior script, because…

Obviously people are willing to pay big money for a simple to implement technology that has been proven to increase your traffic, sales, build your list and net you huge affiliate pay checks.

And we fully intend to release this on Clickbank at a much higher price later on – $97 or more!

But right now, and from this special page only… You can get your hands on the Covert Store Builder theme for a fraction of that!

And when you order today you’ll be „grandfathered“ in and receive free updates for life!

But as I said this early bird special is very time limited.

The price will go up

And you will certainly not see multi and site flipping licenses included at such low a price, ever again!

So take action today and…

Regular Price $97 Today…
Covert Store Builder

Order online safely and securely
100% Secure, Full Encryption Is Being Used
You’ll receive your order instantly even if it’s 2 am!


See you inside…

Soren Jordansen, John Merrick & Cindy Battye

Soren Jordansen, John Merrick & Cindy Battye

„The IM Wealth Builders“

P.S. The only way you can lose here is if you walk away empty-handed… This really is the most effective way to generate massive affiliate paychecks from your blog!

PRODUCT GUARANTEE: We’ll be totally straight with you here… If you plan on purchasing then asking for a refund, please don’t order a license. This is a very limited offer, so if you are not 100% committed then leave the license for other people who are and who will put it to good use. We only want to work closely with serious marketers and genuine folks that are ready to take their business to the next level.

But because we want you to start today with total peace of mind your investment is backed up by a full 45 day money back guarantee – You will be ordering with confidence and this eliminates any kind of risk on your part.

Covert Store Builder

Contact Support



„Geld verdienen mit Blogs „

 „Geld verdienen mit Blogs „.

Während der nächsten Tage erhalten Sie mehrere Lektionen, in denen Sie alle
Einzelheiten zum Aufbau Ihres eigenen erfolgreichen Blogs kennenlernen. In
Ihren Lektionen werden auch einige grundlegende Optionen zum Einrichten
Ihres Blogs als auch mehrere verschiedene Techniken besprochen, durch die
Ihr Blog beliebt und profitabel werden wird.

In dieser ersten Lektion wollen wir über die Auswahl der richtigen Blog-
Plattform sprechen, die Ihren Ansprüchen ans Bloggen gerecht wird.

Der Aufbau eines Blogs ist einer der praktikabelsten Wege, um online
Geld zu verdienen. Beim Einrichten Ihres ersten Blogs müssen Sie viele
Entscheidungen zum Aufbau Ihres Blogs treffen einschließlich der Wahl
Ihrer Blog-Plattform. Eine Blog-Plattform ist eine Software, mit der
Ihre Schriften auf eine Webseite gebracht werden, auf der Besucher aus
der ganzen Welt navigieren und diese besuchen können.

Für ein erfolgreiches Bloggen stehen zwei grundlegende Plattformen zur
Auswahl: WordPress und Blogger. Beide dieser Optionen haben Vor- und
Nachteile. Bevor Sie eine Entscheidung treffen, sollten Sie sich über
die jeweiligen Pros und Kontras informieren und überlegen, welche
Plattform Ihren Bedarf am besten erfüllt.


Geld Verdienen mit Blogs

Blogger hat einige Vorteile und kann von neuen Bloggern ganz problemlos
verwendet werden. Zum Aufbau eines Blogs mit Blogger müssen nur wenige
Anweisungen befolgt werden. Es sind keine Installationen erforderlich.

Einige weitere Vorteile sind:

Preis: Die Verwendung von Blogger ist absolut kostenlos. Sie müssen
keinen Domänennamen kaufen, da das System eine Adresse an Sie vergibt,
die auf dem Namen Ihres Blogs basiert.

Benutzerfreundlichkeit: Es ist einfach, in Ihrem Blog zu posten. Sie
können auch ganz einfach das Aussehen Ihres Blogs verändern. All dies


erfolgt über das Blogger-Dashboard. Haben Sie mehr als nur einen Blog
bei Blogger, haben Sie vom gleichen Dashboard aus Zugang zu allen Blogs.

Blogger hat jedoch einige wesentliche Nachteile, wenn Sie mit Ihrem Blog
Geld verdienen wollen.

Mangelnde Flexibilität: Im Vergleich zu anderen Optionen sind Design und
Funktion eines Blogger-Blogs sehr begrenzt. Sie können kundenspezifische
Motive für den Blog herunterladen und installieren, die aber alle sehr
ähnlich aussehen. Folglich wird Ihr Blog auch in Ihrer Nische nicht

Domänenname: Zusammen mit Ihrem Blogger-Blog erhalten Sie einen
kostenlosen Domänennamen; er lautet: ““ anstelle

Geld verdienen mit Gratis Blogs

Eigentum: Sie werden Ihren Blogger-Blog nie wirklich besitzen, denn die
Dateien und Inhalte werden auf dem Blogger-Server gespeichert.

WordPress ist die andere beliebte Plattform zum Bloggen. Es gibt eine
kostenlose Option, die ähnlich wie Blogger funktioniert. Darüber hinaus
gibt es aber auch eine Gratis-Option, bei der Sie Ihren eigenen Webseiten-
Namen haben dürfen. Sie installieren WordPress auf Ihrer Webseite,
speichern und verbinden es mit einem Domänennamen, der Ihnen gehört.
Sollten Sie nicht wissen, wie Sie das machen müssen, kann Ihr Hosting-
Unternehmen Sie bei diesem Prozess begleiten.
Andere Vorteile sind:

Anpassung: Es gibt unterschiedliche und zahlreiche WordPress-Motive.
Durch einige Motive sieht Ihr Blog sogar wie eine Online-Zeitung aus.

Merkmale: Die Benutzer von WordPress haben eine Unmenge von „Plug-Ins“
geschaffen, die die Funktionalität Ihres Blogs erhöhen und Ihnen helfen,
das Beste aus Ihrer Seite zu machen.

Aber auch bei WordPress gibt es einige Probleme. Es ist nicht so
benutzerfreundlich wie Blogger, so daß Neulinge eventuell von ihm
eingeschüchtert werden können. Außerdem müssen Sie für Ihren Domänennamen
und das Hosting Ihrer Webseite Geld bezahlen.

Trotz dieser Nachteile wählen die meisten professionellen Blogger die
Wordpress-Option, denn sie bleiben Eigentümer ihrer Blogs und können
diese nach Belieben verändern. Letztendlich aber liegt die Entscheidung
bei Ihnen – je nachdem, welche Option Ihren Anforderungen am besten

Das war’s für heute. In der nächsten Lektion sprechen wir über Brainstorming
und die Entwicklung guter Ideen zu Themen, über die Sie in Ihrem neuen
Blog schreiben können.

Ich bedanke mich für Ihre Teilnahme an diesem kurzen Kurs. Bei Fragen
oder benötigter Hilfe können Sie mich gern jederzeit über den unten
aufgeführten Kontakt ansprechen. Ich helfe Ihnen gern.

Geld verdienen im internet

Geld verdienen im Internet Leicht gemacht

Wenn Ihr denkt das  ist so Tut Ihr mir Leid nicht alles glauben was über Geld verdienen im Internet geschrieben wird vertraut euren Instinkt.Natürlich ist es nicht Leicht wenn mann weiss wie es geht es leichter die Guru schreiben die anderen machen nach finde ich Persönlich Dumm.Es ist genauso schwierig wie Offline Ihr müsst euch selbständig machen was bedeutet es kommen Mehrwertsteuer auf euch zu Plus Private Krankenversicherung,ihr solltet eine eigene Webseite oder Blog haben dann müsst Ihr an eure Seo optimerung arbeiten.Damit ihr überhaupt bei Google Indixiert werdet um wenigstens  Traffic bekommt.

Traffic Kostenlos oder Kaufen?

Kostenlose Traffic ist nicht sehr Efektiv ich habe es Jahre lang ausprobiert oder es müsste ein Super Produkt sein was Einzigartig ist auf der Welt das was fast Jeder gebrauchen kann dann wäre es wie ein sechser im Lotto.Ich mache seit Jahren Werbung was natürlich Geld Kostet Efektive Werbung ist niemals Kostenlos ich benutze Google Adwords,yahoo,Facebookads,Bannerwerbung,oder Viral mailer.Viral mails sind sehr Efektiv weil die meisten die sich da angemeldet haben Geld verdienen im Internet Wollen oder es schon Erfolgreich machen sich die Taschen Füllen mit Ihren Wissen was natürlich Jahrelanger Erfahrungen entsprechen.

Wissen ist macht

Das ist 100% wahr ich habe im Internet gute und schlechte Erfahrungen gemacht kann nur sagen es ist ein Harter weg im Internet Erfolgreich Geld zu Verdienen. Ich kann euch nur Raten zu Lesen es gibt so viel zu Lernen im Internet Bussiness da würdet Ihr euch Wundern aber Ohne Werbung wäre ich Heute nicht da wo ich bin.

Kann euch ein Paar Viral mailer Empfehlen natürlich alle Kostenlos wo die Pro-visionen wirklich viele vorteile haben .



Diese beiden sind sehr gut habe schon mehrare Tausend Euro per Email verdient natürlich eine sache wo mann das Richtige Produkt haben muss um  solche ergebnisse zu erreichen und das geht nur wenn Ihr ein Upgrade macht.

nächste woche zeige ich euch ein Paar Tricks wie ihr einen WordPressblog aufbaut und ihn wirklich als Blog benutzt und Passiv Werbung macht.

Wünsche euch allen ein schönes wochenende




seo marketing social media

How SEO and Social Media Marketing Interact

Because of how Jon Stewart interacts with the community by advertising a book through a conversation, a relationship builder between vendor and himself for the benefit of potential clientele, he deploys SMM. Social media marketing is the process of creating a back and forth communication and thus a relationship between a vendor and a potential, as well as past, clientele. In the Jon Stewart example, besides it being in the real world and not the virtual world, he deploys indirect social media marketing, SMM, because a potential clientele is not directly speaking, only listening to a non-advertisement with the author, the marketer, and a non-professional. The lack of professionals within an SMM experience is what creates the illusion of trust, networking and consequently conversations, and general attention toward the specified product/service that is being „advertised.“

Again, a non-professional leads the way for communication between potential clientele and a vendor. This way, trust forms; the more trust, the stronger client to vendor connections get, leading to a promotion via word of mouth from one person to another. These indirect networking tactics for a company is becoming more of a necessity than anything else in the online market because of how suspicious users have become when interacting with a „professional“ promoter working directly for the marketer and thus towards a vendor’s benefit and not the client’s.

However, to funnel all the new trust toward a specific market and a specific vendor is with usage of SEO; search engine optimization is as the name entails-a systematized order based on keywords typed in by a user.

Through a combination of SEO, search engine optimization, and SMM, social media marketing, a marketer’s product/service can be promoted in indirect, yet „better“ ways by means of statistically being more effective profit wise. A perfect online example, unlike the Jon Stewart integration of SMM and, at best, the possible SEO of keywords such as „politics,“ „current events,“ „comedy,“ „farce,“ etc., is YouTube. Why? Well, Because of YouTube’s usage of videos and multimedia to advocate for a product, it initiates, as well as inspires, a community reaction; users may comment, and comment on the made comments, all with the vendor’s product/service in mind. This is SMM. The fact that YouTube includes tags for each video so that users may search for them with ease is the definition of SEO.

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