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CBSE Class 9 Revision Notes

It is necessary to revise the chapters to remember some important topics for the long run. So, we at Topperlearning provide you with important revision notes for CBSE Class 9 which will help you to revise topics and remember the concepts easily. With the huge syllabus of CBSE Class 9, it is quite strenuous to remember all the important concepts of chapters. Revising these chapters along with the CBSE Class 9 Notes will enable students to boost their preparation strategies. Moreover, CBSE Class 9 Notes enables a quick revision before exams. 

CBSE Class 9 Notes provide students with an extra edge and help them gain confidence before appearing for their examinations.


Science is one of the scoring subjects for Class 9 students. Students can score the highest marks in science if they have the best understanding of the topics that are covered in the syllabus.

Once the preparation for the science syllabus is completed, students can refer to CBSE Class 9 Science Notes provided at Topperlearning. As we all know that Science is a multi-disciplinary subject, TopperLearning’s CBSE Class 9 Science Notessuffice the student's requirements of doing the last moment revision for the chapters like The Fundamental unit of life, tissues from Biology, Matter in our surroundings, Atoms and Molecules, Structure of Atom from Chemistry, Motion, Gravitation, Work and Energy from Physics etc.


CBSE Class 9 Maths Notes are available chapter-wise for students to refer it while doing a quick recapitulation of concepts, various formulae and theorems learnt in the chapter.

CBSE Class 9 Social Science notes section is provided with chapter-wise crucial summary notes which have all important pointers for quick exam revision based on History, Civics and Geography.

CBSE Class 9 English notes will give you access to the Grammar, Comprehension and Composition sections of the syllabus.

All these CBSE Class 9 Notes are prepared by experienced subject experts keeping in mind students’ needs and can be accessed by subscribing to CBSE Class 9 plans.

Class 9 Science Revision Notes


Class 9 Maths Revision Notes


Class 9 Hindi Revision Notes


Class 9 Social Studies Revision Notes


Class 9 English Revision Notes

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