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NEET Physics

The NEET 2021 exam Physics portion is broadly divided into Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Modern Physics, Optics, Thermodynamics and SHM-Waves. All these topics are also from the Physics syllabus of Class 11 and Class 12. The Physics section of the NEET exam has 45 questions for 180 marks. The question paper has a variety of questions from numerical problems to theoretical and application-based questions.

It is important for a NEET aspirant to be clear with all the Physics-related concepts and formulae. That is the first step to scoring in this section. For complete guidance, TopperLearning helps students to prepare for every topic through various application-based videos, study notes and tests. Students are encouraged to take tests frequently to gauge their level of preparedness.

NEET Preparation Resources

Just studying isn’t enough. It is important that students evaluate themselves regularly. TopperLearning offers different types of tests. These tests can be taken on a weekly basis or incorporated in your daily study schedule to gauge your performance and assess your preparation in Physics. Based on these tests which you are encouraged to take frequently, you can decide which chapter needs more attention. Focus more on the weak topics and revise them more often than you had initially decided. With a meticulous plan and enough Physics study resources, you will surely ace the NEET exam.

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