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can wear pretty blue dresses! 😶 I never wear dresses, but maybe this summer that will change 😀. I’ve been feeling so lately :‘).

Nobody can change a person,but someone can be the reason for a person to change.. .

Contributors are asked to Register or make a donation at: Support this prestigious event! Walk for change walk for PROGRESSION!!! We all have a story that may change another’s person life! Learn how you can create profits over and over Sharing your Story!!

Join us on thr Midday Motivational call wherr you will get fed with a lot of wisdom Our goal is to pour life into other people and give everybody something to live for What you feed your mind is what you will become We can all use the knowledgr to apply in our lives to make that change Dial in 7605696000 Access Code 589046 at 12noon EST

Come and see me when I change the life of a lucky winner on the stage of DSF Mega Raffles at Global Village, Jan 1st, 10:00 pm and @dsfsocial 💜💚💛💙 اليوم بتتغير حياة احد زوار القرية العالمية من خلال السحب الي بيصير هناك الساعة العاشرة مساءا .. اشوفكم هناك 💜💚💛💙

After learning that one of the biggest causes of acne is the pillowcase we sleep on I knew I needed to find a change! Thank goodness I found @sleepcleancare . This is an easy & super simple addition to my skincare regimen! The moment I lay my head on my pillow at night I love knowing that I’m doing something to help keep my skin healthy & clean!

Update your ‚Sweat with Kayla‘ app 😍 A few minor bugs fixed and I have added in a ’select your week‘ feature on your settings/profile page so you can manually change what week you are on in case you need to. 😘🎉 For the ladies asking for an android version, I am working on that! I can’t give an exact date but as I said, I am working hard!! For now if you want You can use the web app on my normal website 💜 iOS available here – ✨ ALSO- in your profile/settings page, there is a new tab called HELP AND SUPPORT if you need anything 😘✨ if your language settings change, you can change them in the web app using the same log in as your IOS xx

One of the last photo of the before its goes to California. Time to completely change the beast. Work will be done by @LevelUpBilly @CWLAutoBroker

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