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A good morning kiss from a hot girl is all one could ask to start the sunday! Tattoo by Florian Riffel, Autark digital tattooing Kunst Kollektiv Cha…. Go show some love on Instagram as well: @art.autark + @papayajacktattoo Be Natural. Be Better.

Work today. On set at my salon @epochchicago working with artists from @passthebrush Shout out to the @bethstock_chicago on her brand new endeavor. I could not be prouder of you. @rebeccagmales @suzestaley 🎬 @weinztein @son_of_norm @robbypoison @createntreprehustle

I’m in VIP supporting my headlining artist on stage at Bliss … I hear DJ QuickSilva say shorty was in the building… Went to welcome her to the DMV (not wrap her up) lls…. N she gave me the ug mug like I was bothering her then said sumn sideways. 99% of the club didn’t know who she was… Only 5% of the club could even access her. (Exclusive VIP) … I giggle and tell her dude next to her… Its not even that deep…. Then I walk back to front of the stage hit the L and pour more henny in my champagne while my guy @ZoeyDollas performed. Moral of the story: Trust the energy you’re given. Many you initially think to respect in the game will disappoint you. They’re only human.

Sequencing your ads, adding massive value before you close, being as relevant and specific as possible, and having a call to action, are a few things you might want to try. I mean, anything that could probably save you money and increase conversions when running ads is worth a shot right? The sketch is a video ad sequence I’m going to run on FB, tell me if you notice any holes in it. Feel free to remix it if you want.

@vmctechnology Be able to send the best welcome email in the world When it comes to creating and sending a promotional email, you could in fact create the best welcoming email ever. Having a welcome email is a very critical part of the on-boarding process for all businesses. When you are able to have an amazing welcome email, it may impact the activation rate, help to turn new customers in to life long partners, subscribers into daily readers, and free trail users into fans. The true goal of any welcome email is to simply guide the user to the next step. Ask yourself how can you show the actual value of your service/information/product as quick as possible? If you are a twitter user, than this could mean encouraging users to complete their profile. If you are Amazon, it could mean driving new customers to the most profitable products. If you happen to be Basecamp, then it could mean getting people to log in so the product will sell itself. You have to learn which action will get your users hooked, and build your welcome email around that. More info:

Perhaps inspired by the new movie, @latinsole killed this Star Wars inspired shot. Do you think there’s any shoes that could have been used to better capture R2-D2 and C-3PO?