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In 1996 Volvo Produced one of the best middle class sport cars, even strong like BMW 540i or MB E 420. Volvo 850R 2.5T R5 – 250HP, 0-100= 6,5s; top speed 255km/h. Now is time on POWER! No excuses!

6 years ago I was slowly teaching myself how to edit and film properly. I was starting to learn what it meant to frame, compose, create. And I utterly fell in love. Many mistakes and triumphs later, I now own one of the most coveted 4K cameras in the world…because THAT’s where I’m at. The fact this is my level – blows my mind. But the craziest thing is…I’m just getting started. I’ve a world more to learn…and even more I want to do. But I’m ready. So 2016…let do this thing!! 👊🏼🎥😊

I’m in VIP supporting my headlining artist on stage at Bliss … I hear DJ QuickSilva say shorty was in the building… Went to welcome her to the DMV (not wrap her up) lls…. N she gave me the ug mug like I was bothering her then said sumn sideways. 99% of the club didn’t know who she was… Only 5% of the club could even access her. (Exclusive VIP) … I giggle and tell her dude next to her… Its not even that deep…. Then I walk back to front of the stage hit the L and pour more henny in my champagne while my guy @ZoeyDollas performed. Moral of the story: Trust the energy you’re given. Many you initially think to respect in the game will disappoint you. They’re only human.

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I have no idea what we were even doing here!! Just a little snip of out takes to end our @allvpuk marketing video! :) You can see the full video at :) Let us know what you think :)

//pain in my chest, I can’t breathe, I think about you way too much. but you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I love you\\ (even though you won’t see this because you never look at my stuff)