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A compilation of bangers done yesterday from one of our resident artists, @niketattoo! Thank you to everyone who came out and showed support all the way until 4:45am this morning! Friday the 13th 2016 was a HUGE success and we are looking forward to Friday the 13th again in January 2017. A special thank you to @vanitylynntatz, @niketattoo, @justine_albano and @rustem_fine_art for putting out some killer ink yesterday and taking it to another level.

Just a few of the Friday the 13th bangers done by @justine_albano yesterday! It was great having her in the shop! ・・・ Some Friday the 13th flash, thanks to everyone who came out!

today is my last day with 27 years .. feeling that 28 already stepping on my ankles! 😂 but, I’m happy because I’ve learnt a lot through this year, I met a lot of people I admire, I met my better half and most to all, I’ve found piece of me in everyone of you which its incredible! So, feeling blessed for the people surrounding me and I’m ended this year more happy than ever waiting anxiously for my bday 🎉 // 📷 @juli.young

Hey guys its the LAST DAY TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY!! The winner will be announced tonight at 11:59pm!! To Enter: 1. Repost the original giveaway photo 2. In the description you must write and @cardinaltattoosupply 3. Be a Canadian resident Good luck to everyone!!

ONLY 2 MORE DAYS TO GO!!! You still have a chance to enter!! All you need to do is be following @cardinaltattoosupply and repost this picture with the and @cardinaltattoosupply in the caption! Good luck to everyone who entered! For Canada residents only…..