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Baby to reaper family theme leg

I miss my family I’m so sick of being lonely.

Just curious…if you had an opportunity to earn an extra $1000 by the end of the month for you and your family just by sharing about an amazing opportunity through social media, would you do it?

Such a proud moment for the family! He says it how it is and i wouldnt want it any other way 😊

Love you sweet hubby. @bradysmithhere ・・・ Feeling incredibly blessed & grateful today, my first birthday w/ a family of four.

My family ❤️

Are you sick of your relatives yet? Drag those apes over to the TV set and force feed them my pal Bill Burr’s awesome new @netflix animated show „F Is For Family“

These cute boys of mine are so excited they get to dress up in their new gear from @kohls for the new movie! As you know, Star Wars is a big deal in this family haha. Go check out the Star Wars clothes that @kohls has so you can pick out the perfect outfit for the new movie! ad

Morning views ✈️❤️ Time to see my family

Oggi come 7 anni fa. La stessa emozione nel ricordare quel momento. La stessa voglia di cantare e farmi ascoltare. Immobile, quella canzone, LA CANZONE… speciale come allora. Grazie Immobile per avermi fatto scoprire questa vita speciale e la MIA Big Family.