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one more sessions to do… … It’s back … 1st time of the year … Because I appreciate those that show to the , I’m giving away a free session with The Dr… This $150 goes towards your next tattoo session with me … Pick your favorite tattoo picture on my page of my work and comment Done once you have shared (yes I check) I WILL BE PICKING THE WINNING NEXT FRIDAY, the more U post ,the better your chance of winning I will be on the west side of this week taking appointments… Who coming in to make some magic happen??

I stay excited to see people thrilled about my products!!😃 Everyone knows I Looove Tats! Still looking for the perfect artist to do my lotus flower on my back. 👀 I will definitely after seeing this be using my Defining Gel to keep my ink bright and not fade. 👍🏾 So cool!! I posted it with the FB format so you can see She is real and lovely. I love love love getting these updates! 🤗Cool stuff mannn! I can’t wait to do mine this year. I always ask everyone „Tell me the truth it’s going to hurt reallll bad right?“ Lol If you have tats brand new or faded text me or comment below ⬇️ what you have!! What’s your favorite place to get one? 😉