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this week goes to @judge_deaths he is a super sweet Scottish man with pretty eyes, a sexy beard and gorgeous tattoos.. You be the and I will be the mermaid 😘💋 Go give him some love!

I really like this style of tattoo , I saw this online somewhere. I want to tattoo a similar one but add my own modern style to it . If your interested in a free tattoo just give me top. „Same location as hers“ direct message me or snapchat me Dany-ocean , tonight only

I don’t have much to give,but I don’t care for gold.. What use is money,when u need someone to hold..? I will give u all of me.. Just leave your lover,leave her for me.. ☺😊 .

Just got these nifty new farmers carry straps (Spud Inc.) and thought I’d give them a try. Loving this spring weather because I can finally do garage work-outs again :)

@Regrann from @oliver_fantastic – Hehe that’s some good argument by my brother @therichierichproject give him a look 🔥 ⬛ Just ask yourself: Do I want to fit in, and in result get the same things and „live“ the same life all others do – or do I want to actually LIVE MY LIFE? ⬛

So I started testing out some of my products from my @shopmissa haul and I’m in L❤️VE with the @kleancolor blush bronzer and this highlighter is amazing !!! The glitter eye shadow is super pigmented and this foundation give perfect coverage ! Can’t believe everything was a dollar !! Check out my channel to see the Unboxing ! Link in the bio ❤️ . . .

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