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Join us on thr Midday Motivational call wherr you will get fed with a lot of wisdom Our goal is to pour life into other people and give everybody something to live for What you feed your mind is what you will become We can all use the knowledgr to apply in our lives to make that change Dial in 7605696000 Access Code 589046 at 12noon EST

@vmctechnology Be able to send the best welcome email in the world When it comes to creating and sending a promotional email, you could in fact create the best welcoming email ever. Having a welcome email is a very critical part of the on-boarding process for all businesses. When you are able to have an amazing welcome email, it may impact the activation rate, help to turn new customers in to life long partners, subscribers into daily readers, and free trail users into fans. The true goal of any welcome email is to simply guide the user to the next step. Ask yourself how can you show the actual value of your service/information/product as quick as possible? If you are a twitter user, than this could mean encouraging users to complete their profile. If you are Amazon, it could mean driving new customers to the most profitable products. If you happen to be Basecamp, then it could mean getting people to log in so the product will sell itself. You have to learn which action will get your users hooked, and build your welcome email around that. More info:

Do you know this feeling!? With anything in life you need to keep pushing forward no matter what. Have a goal & work so hard towards it until you achieve it!! Veena xx

Joel Campbell Goal | Olympiakos Piraeus vs Manchester United 2:0 | SportNews! (HD)

Olympiakos Piräus vs Manchester United 2:0 (25.02.2014) ▻ Kein Video verpassen! ▻ Facebook: ▭▭↓AUFKLAPPEN!↓ ▻ M…
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