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Here have a selfie. Let me add about my day. Todays going great. Went to the park with my hubby and daughter. Were relaxing and having fun. For once a day where im stress free. I had a nervous breakdown the other day and cried until i had no tears. Glad thats done n over with.

And when it has been a week of ereatic and busy errands, I like treating myself by getting a massage! And before going to bed, I make sure I smell good because for me, when I smell good, I feel good too. 😊 @lux

Sequencing your ads, adding massive value before you close, being as relevant and specific as possible, and having a call to action, are a few things you might want to try. I mean, anything that could probably save you money and increase conversions when running ads is worth a shot right? The sketch is a video ad sequence I’m going to run on FB, tell me if you notice any holes in it. Feel free to remix it if you want.