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today is my last day with 27 years .. feeling that 28 already stepping on my ankles! 😂 but, I’m happy because I’ve learnt a lot through this year, I met a lot of people I admire, I met my better half and most to all, I’ve found piece of me in everyone of you which its incredible! So, feeling blessed for the people surrounding me and I’m ended this year more happy than ever waiting anxiously for my bday 🎉 // 📷 @juli.young

Such a fun night speaking at Women with Brilliance! Of course the beautiful and amazing @drvanderveer was there…so good to see you Elizabeth! Love knowing and working with you! Your skincare line is incredible!!

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Pouring Hot Tea At -40C Near The Arctic Circle During Sunset- Science tells us that hot water turns into a cloud of ice crystals when tossed at subzero temperatures, but Ontario based photographer Michael Davies managed capture this phenomenon on camera. This past Sunday, just 20km south of the Arctic Circle, Davies took these incredible photos of his friend Markus hurling hot tea in -40°C weather. “Prepared with multiple thermoses filled with tea, we began tossing the water and shooting,” Davies told Huff Post. “Nothing of this shot was to chance, I followed the temperature, watched for calm wind, and planned the shot and set it up. Even the sun in the middle of the spray was something I was hoping for, even though it’s impossible to control.”

Our next weekly content creator and friend, @sweatengine, has an incredible passion for what he does. Here’s his amazing story: „For about 5 years, I was doing biomedical engineering, designing artificial joint replacements. I had a great job; I had a career going. But—I wasn’t going anywhere; I wasn’t meeting anyone; I wasn’t seeing anything. Back in 2009, I had a bad breakup. I decided to be healthy and started running marathons and I soon started a blog focused on marathons. I was doing it on the side as a hobby to take my mind off things. That’s where I got my handle because I used to be a sweaty engineer! That’s how I also picked up photography. I was taking photos of my shoes and at the marathons. I had recently bought the iPhone 4s and someone told me about this app where you could promote your photos—it was called @instagram. Pretty quickly it threw my life upside down. I started connecting with locals who were sharing the same kind of content as me. A little less than a year into it, I started photographing with someone I met through @instagram. We soon both quit our jobs and decided to drive around the country, meeting other people through @instagram. Everything started rolling from there. I’ve never looked back. I’ve been fortunate to get big clients so I can make this work. Initially people told me that if you want to make money, don’t become a photographer, but I work really hard and I’ve been very fortunate. Every day I wake up, it’s hard to believe that I’m able to do this, taking photos on my camera phone and making a living of it. It’s an exciting time. I had no idea that 3 years after quitting my job, I’d be invited to the White House to photograph—I’d never believe it. It’s why people love social media, it’s this exciting time where there’s an intersection between tech and art. Sometimes it’s overwhelming, to be at the biggest fashion shows in New York City, it’s mind-blowing. I’m just a guy with an iPhone. I see all these kids waiting to get a glimpse of Fashion Week and meanwhile, I’m here. All because I quit my job and I wanted to do something bigger with my life.“

Architecture School by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter, incredible building! Love the big windows at the studios and the organic shape of the classrooms on the lower level. 🇸🇪👏🏼