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Started this last week at the Nottingham international tattoo show. Had to stop and leave due to my son having an asthma attack but this was as far as we got will soon finish the piece tho. Proudly sponsored by

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Teamwork makes the dream work. On Nov. 6, 2015, NASA astronauts Scott Kelly and Kjell Lindgren spent 7 hours and 48 minutes working together outside the International Space Station on the 190th spacewalk in support of station assembly and maintenance. The astronauts restored the port truss ammonia cooling system to its original configuration.

Feliz Cumpleaños, Lucas Barrios! The international career of ‘The Panther’ took off at the speed of a cheetah! Tata Martino surprisingly handed Lucas Barrios his international debut just six days before he named his squad for South Africa 2010. Three goals in three games later & Barrios was on a plane to South Africa, where he helped @apfoficial give Spain a real fright in the FIFA World Cup quarter-finals. Will his 31st birthday prove memorable in Lima? @sepalmeiras