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Who are you to judge the life i live.?? I know i’m not perfect.. „And i don’t live to be“ But before you start pointing fingers,make sure you hands are clean..!! ( Bob Marley ) .

This is Jack, the salesman. Jack wants to represent his brand as accurately as possible, while convincing people that his product is the way to go. Jack quickly becomes flustered though, because he knows the ins and outs of his product, but doesn’t know how to best sell it when the camera is rolling and the pressure of delivering a powerful message in 90 seconds is on. // Check out the 30 second video (link in bio) to see what happens when his customer steps in.

Attention We have begged and begged for an EDIT option…you know auto correct gets us all! What we didn’t ask for is for you to become with it’s algorithms. Twitter and Facebook are as different as Apple and Android, don’t try to be something your not!

Producing live marketing videos or vlogs can be hard to get started with if you’re not used to being on camera. Making marketing videos is so worth it, so you just need to overcome this challenge. Smile, relax, laugh at your mistakes and know that it gets easier with practice.