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I was at my friends house @beth_mckinley_ the other day when I saw something on her bench so I asked her what it was. She told me to take it outside where she would show me how to use it. She grabbed my camera and as the gullible person I am, I went outside. She used it first but I found out later she knew how to use it so it didn’t spew white powder onto you. It was a good trick. I was impressed!

6 years ago I was slowly teaching myself how to edit and film properly. I was starting to learn what it meant to frame, compose, create. And I utterly fell in love. Many mistakes and triumphs later, I now own one of the most coveted 4K cameras in the world…because THAT’s where I’m at. The fact this is my level – blows my mind. But the craziest thing is…I’m just getting started. I’ve a world more to learn…and even more I want to do. But I’m ready. So 2016…let do this thing!! 👊🏼🎥😊

One of Nike’s most infamous sneakers in history is making a sudden return later this week. In 1989, Nike released the Air Pressure – a high-top performance basketball shoe designed with an Air Pump module for added stability and fit. It was priced at an astounding $180 in 1989. What will it cost today? More details on

For all the coffee addicts out there, today’s is for you (and me, who I am kidding, I’m on cup four today!) @stojoco and @groundsandhounds coffee are both making our guilty pleasure drinks do some serious good! G+H is an amazing, fair trade organic coffee that gives 20% to no kill shelters. „Buy a pound, save a hound!“ And @Stojoco makes my new favorite coffee gadget. A BPA and phthalate free, food-grade silicone, and recyclable (hot damn that’s eco-conscious!!) collapsible, LEAK PROOF cup for your coffee! So you fill it, drink it, smash it and put it in your pocket/purse/backpack for later. Voila! No more single use coffee/tea/tasty-blended-beverage cups. You can help save the world/our oceans/your conscience with every cup! BAM!

1 snow storm, 1 delayed flight and 100 fierce backup dancers later, we can check the Chicago lights festival off the bucket list. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, SNOWY LOVES. Xx

Feliz Cumpleaños, Lucas Barrios! The international career of ‘The Panther’ took off at the speed of a cheetah! Tata Martino surprisingly handed Lucas Barrios his international debut just six days before he named his squad for South Africa 2010. Three goals in three games later & Barrios was on a plane to South Africa, where he helped @apfoficial give Spain a real fright in the FIFA World Cup quarter-finals. Will his 31st birthday prove memorable in Lima? @sepalmeiras