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Many of my clients continue to want to make TV commercials. This does not surprise me because according to Statista, TV advertising revenue, TV advertising revenue in the U.S. surpassed 71.1 billion dollars last year. Small and large businesses know that TV commercials are still the best way to get the word out about a new product or service to a national or local audience. My clients request TV commercials because so many people still watch TV and in a local area like Pittsburgh, it can be quick and easy to put out a simple yet effective TV commercial to let people know you are in business! For example I had a customer who owns a large online services company that helps small and large companies get the word out about their business. Their company advertises to other companies so putting out 6 short 15-second commercials was very impactful for them. They got the word out very quickly and now everyone knows who they are on a local level. When I first started working in video production, I never really thought about which questions to ask my clients before creating a commercial. I always assumed that if they wanted a commercial for their business then they would know what they wanted and needed. I was wrong. If a business has never been through this process of creating a TV commercial, there are four key questions they should answer first. These questions are… READ THE FULL ARTICLE, „How To Make A TV Commercial For Your Business“ on my blog (clickable link in my bio @joshbirt )

Today on the blog were talking about the importance of personalised, tailored and local content in retail digital marketing campaigns. Read it at

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We love companies that give back- especially to animal shelters. This month we are celebrating with our friends @dogly_ as they donate $11,000 to different shelters across the US. Dogly is an app that allows its users to post creative photos of their dogs in an effort to support their local animal shelters. Today, Dakin Humane Society in Massachusetts is one of the shelters that will be receiving a donation from Dogly. Because of @beanparty.yodabash creative photos posted on the Dogly app, @dakinhumanesociety will be receiving a $1,000 grant! (Put your paws up for them!) Download Dogly and help your local shelter earn grants. It’s fun, free and helps a great cause!

Tim, Plymouth, NH: I am a high school teacher and vice president of my local union. When you take away collective bargaining and unionization it makes for a weaker education system because it forces you to look only at test numbers. That’s a big issue for the country – if we are looking at only what the test takers are doing not what they know, you are not getting a highly educated work force, you are getting a test taker that fluctuates greatly based on how well they take a standardized test.