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A compilation of bangers done yesterday from one of our resident artists, @niketattoo! Thank you to everyone who came out and showed support all the way until 4:45am this morning! Friday the 13th 2016 was a HUGE success and we are looking forward to Friday the 13th again in January 2017. A special thank you to @vanitylynntatz, @niketattoo, @justine_albano and @rustem_fine_art for putting out some killer ink yesterday and taking it to another level.

Designed this piece up last night. Looking for somebody to tattoo it on. If you are interested in this design or similar please inbox me. for bookings.

She so happy I cover up her tattoo b-4 n after…who next…appt. info call (562)477-7539 or email artwork thank for looking 😁👍

I’m glad she love her new tattoo… I did for her who next hit me up…appt. info call (562)477-7539 or email artwork thank for looking 😁👍