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The beach last week was amazing. I haven’t been posting much because I have Endometriosis and have practically been bed ridden for the past few days from the pain. Starting to feel a little better now so hoping tomorrow I can feel like I’m normal again and catch up on some housework. Thank you @johnny_white_collar for taking this photo and looking after me when I can’t look after myself 😘

6 years ago I was slowly teaching myself how to edit and film properly. I was starting to learn what it meant to frame, compose, create. And I utterly fell in love. Many mistakes and triumphs later, I now own one of the most coveted 4K cameras in the world…because THAT’s where I’m at. The fact this is my level – blows my mind. But the craziest thing is…I’m just getting started. I’ve a world more to learn…and even more I want to do. But I’m ready. So 2016…let do this thing!! 👊🏼🎥😊

And when it has been a week of ereatic and busy errands, I like treating myself by getting a massage! And before going to bed, I make sure I smell good because for me, when I smell good, I feel good too. 😊 @lux

DID YOU KNOW. …I HAVE 4 YES FOUR SEPARATE GIVEAWAYS ON YOUTUBE AT THE MOMENT they are all for @makeuprevolution items 😲 (very exciting)😍 it’s my 10k subscribers so pls CLICK ON THE LINK TO MY CHANNEL IN BIO and to both myself and to to good luck guys xxxx💞💞💞✌👌👉👉🎁🎁🎊🎉

„To the top of the mountain Her distance I don’t know With the thick breaths I take and the ones that I don’t I will carry myself onward so onward I’ll go.“ – Rakishi, 1940. Goodnight crew, listen to Anchor by Novo Amor.