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6 years ago I was slowly teaching myself how to edit and film properly. I was starting to learn what it meant to frame, compose, create. And I utterly fell in love. Many mistakes and triumphs later, I now own one of the most coveted 4K cameras in the world…because THAT’s where I’m at. The fact this is my level – blows my mind. But the craziest thing is…I’m just getting started. I’ve a world more to learn…and even more I want to do. But I’m ready. So 2016…let do this thing!! 👊🏼🎥😊

Executions milkfish Covenant feature Tiger martyr .. Saudi authorities have embarked on the execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, and three other teenagers, among the largest group, amounting to 47 people, on charges of terrorism. Although the executions were unexpected in view of the surrounding Saudi Arabia’s internal situation and external conditions, but it sparked a flood of objections in all countries of the world, especially allied Saudi regime, particularly with regard to the execution of Sheikh Tiger and three others have nothing to do with terrorism, they do not believe in violence to begin with. Adverse reactions were expected. Anticipated system, and was ready to deal with the language of force and harshness. The unexpected of allies who are also voicing the US administration for the authorities to warn them not to embark on the execution of Sheikh Tiger; as he was spokesman for the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, has said that the Secretary-General of Saudi princes repeatedly advised not to embark on the execution of the Tiger, the reduction minimum. details Executions: tiger was killed by dogs! Finally .. Saudi authorities embarked on her crime awful execution of Sheikh Tiger. And he executed with three other teenagers from Shiite citizens, who demonstrated peacefully in recent years against the Saudi government and its policy of discriminatory sectarianism. The implementation of the penalty system is expected .. run away from the problem to the other, and the people running it. He has escaped from his failure in foreign policy and sparked a war in Yemen lost yet. Then ignited the oil war wore it, Thus, the system blew another crisis over the execution of Sheikh tiger crisis, cut relations with Iran.

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