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6 years ago I was slowly teaching myself how to edit and film properly. I was starting to learn what it meant to frame, compose, create. And I utterly fell in love. Many mistakes and triumphs later, I now own one of the most coveted 4K cameras in the world…because THAT’s where I’m at. The fact this is my level – blows my mind. But the craziest thing is…I’m just getting started. I’ve a world more to learn…and even more I want to do. But I’m ready. So 2016…let do this thing!! 👊🏼🎥😊

Possibly starting a YouTube channel just made a promo thing opinions?please comment video ideas guys I’ll spam all who do it😽 comment if you would subscribe💞

“Why am I A Failure” words that you may have said to yourself, or heard someone close to you say this in their entrepreneurial journey. Would it be OK if I told you this … say “Yes you have my permission.” Cool the thing you must know right now is that you’re not alone. Many have felt this way and many more will as you move forward. As you read every sentence image letting go of what holds you right now, the one thing causing you to say “Why am I a failure?” This one thing you actually control, you’re the one that makes this up in your mind. Start now on the right path, simply click the link in my bio for your FREE training. See the rest on my blog

//pain in my chest, I can’t breathe, I think about you way too much. but you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I love you\\ (even though you won’t see this because you never look at my stuff)

My Hailee. Watching you do your thing on stage tonight was a moment I will never forget. You my dear friend, are the brightest light. I love you 💕 @haileesteinfeld @iheartradio