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Flash back to my perfect pink birthday pineapple🍍 @overdedicated was amazing to work with, definitely hitting him up again next time I’m in Venice 🌊 check him out if you’re in cali!

I had a great time tattooing my friend Manuel Ochoa…appt. info call (562)477-7539 or email artwork thank for looking 😁👍

My favourite model of all time! Go follow @mslunamarie 💙💚💜💋 …

There is something unconditionally sexy about a woman with tattoos. Thank you Priscilla for volunteering your time to shoot with me.

Tiny tattoo time. Had fun doing this.

Sick Hand rose tattoo with shading done by a Legendary Toronto Tattoist @damonhtattoos I had such a great time, next to no discomfort do to his „light handed style“ very very clean, professional, totally non rushed, open and adaptive… I Watched four movies on a big screen in the parlour while getting inked! Today was honestly the very best Tattoo experience of my life without a doubt… Super impressed! Looking forward to finishing my massive amount of upcoming work ill be doing with Damon H this summer! Check out this Artists ig for gallery and booking info @damonhtattoos Trunks Effect – highly recommended Toronto Tattoo Artist ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

manager had deleted this pic cos shes got nipples out, what a joker!!! we see naked girls advertising themselves all the time and no one complains, im not mention the porn actresses with their explicit sex scenes!!! On my opinion this is not place for kids, any kind of social media is dangerous to all of them , for you who denounced this photo, stop being hypocritical and go to fuck yourself!!!

I had a good time tattoo this…who want tattoos? appt. info call (562)477-7539 or email artwork thank for looking 😁👍

bcz I have the itch and I think it’s time for tattoo but this is my fav one bcz if you know me then you understand the obsession I have with turtles 🐢❤️

One of the super pretty tattoos I got to do this weekend at @spookyempire @spookytattoofest! Hard to get good pics with lighting. Thank you to all that stopped by and said hi. Wish I would have had time for you all! You truly all made my day ❤️🕷❤️ thanks you Shelby! @palevanity 😘