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Unlocking the Power of Selina Solutions: A Guide to Boosting Your ICSE Exam Prep

Science and Mathematics are the most commonly opted combination among Class 10 students. These subjects involve technicality, conceptual and application-based understanding. Their knowledge opens paths to numerous career options. Doctors, engineers, researchers, scientists, and innovators, generally need Science and Mathematics as their core subjects.

Commonly ICSE schools opt for Selina textbooks. To assist in solving the textbook questions, TopperLearning offers Selina Solutions for Science and Mathematics. Before understanding the benefits of Selina Solutions, let us gain information on Science and Mathematics weightage in class 10.

Science and Mathematics in Class 10 ICSE Examination

Mathematics and Science are part of Group II in ICSE. The Science question paper combines Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The Science and Mathematics question paper is divided into Part I and Part II. Part I has all the compulsory questions, while students can answer selectively in Part II. Overall, the question paper is 80 marks, and 20 marks are awarded according to internal assessments. Moreover, the complete Science and Mathematics paper will have 15 one-mark Multiple Choice Questions, a few one-mark objective questions, and the remaining descriptive questions. These vary between two, three, and four marks.

Selina Solutions for Class 10 ICSE

Selina Publications is a well-known publisher providing textbooks for ICSE. The books provide chapter-wise categorisation of content that help prepare for the ICSE syllabus and board exams. Covering every detail, these cover fundamental knowledge to clarify concepts and enhance understanding.

TopperLearning provides carefully curated Selina solutions with a step-by-step approach to encourage the utilisation of different steps to solve a single problem. One of the best aspects is the illustrations using graphs and diagrams coupled with theory to solve word problems and multiple-choice questions.

Features of Selina Solutions

Selina solutions help prepare for board examinations by strictly adhering to the ICSE syllabus for Mathematics and Science subjects. Here are the key features that distinguish them from other solutions available in the market:

●       Deliver detailed and well-depicted solutions for Selina's textbook exercises

●       Answers all questions to ease the comprehension of difficult topics

●       The problems are categorised into different exercises per the topics they belong to, making it simpler for students to hone their skills.

●       The step-by-step explanations help students understand the method of solving complex problems thoroughly.

●       Well-curated use of easy language for understanding by avoiding technicality and jargon

●       Suitable for quick revisions

●       Questions and solutions prepared by subject matter experts eliminate the chances of error.

●       Free of cost access available online to fit in any preparation schedule

●       Detailed answers, including every logic and assumptions


Preparations for ICSE examinations demand strategic practice. TopperLearning’s Selina solutions help in the preparation, decreasing the stress and helping the students practice numerous questions. Subject matter experts design the solutions in the easiest language to make the answers comprehensible. The diagrammatic representations help in memorizing concepts. Moreover, when students adopt step-by-step points like the Selina solutions, it helps them understand their weak points and work on their shortcomings. 

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