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JEE Main Videos

JEE is an extremely crucial exam for aspirants who want to get into a reputed engineering college or IIT. To clear JEE, students have to thoroughly understand the topics in the chapters from all three subjects—Physics, Chemistry and Maths.

JEE is of course a high-pressure exam, but with the right study resources and the right guidance, clearing this exam should be an easy journey. TopperLearning has just the right online resources for a JEE aspirant to clear the exams. One of these online resources is JEE Videos.

TopperLearning’s study materials include JEE video lessons, sample papers, previous years’ question papers and more. To understand which chapters are important, you need to go through the latest JEE syllabus. You can refer to our JEE Main syllabus and JEE Advanced syllabus.

Why must you study from TopperLearning?

  • Our JEE notes, solutions for sample question papers and other online learning resources are based on the latest NCERT guidelines and are in line with the JEE Main syllabus.
  • Get free textbook solutions and doubt-solving sessions with expert JEE faculty.
  • Our video notes are ideal for quick revision of topics.
  • Our well-written study materials will guide you towards your goal of scoring more marks in the JEE exam.


Is the JEE syllabus the same as the syllabus for Class 12?

No, the JEE syllabus is not the same as your Class 12 syllabus. However, if you studied for your Class 12 using NCERT books, you may come across questions in JEE 2022 based on the topics in your NCERT books.


Which subjects are included in the JEE Paper 1 syllabus?

The latest JEE syllabus for Paper 1 (BE/BTech) includes Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.


What does the JEE syllabus for Paper 2 include?

The JEE Paper 2 syllabus includes the JEE Main Maths syllabus, the JEE Main Aptitude Test syllabus and the JEE Main Drawing Aptitude Test syllabus.


Which syllabus topics do I need to refer for JEE Paper 3?

To prepare for Paper 3, refer to the JEE 2022 Maths syllabus, Aptitude Test syllabus and BPlanning syllabus. By downloading the IIT-JEE Syllabus 2022 PDF, you can review all the topics which are covered in the syllabus for various subjects offline as well.


What are the Chemistry topics in JEE Syllabus 2022?

As per JEE syllabus 2022, the Chemistry topics are Covalent Bonding, Dalton’s Atomic Theory, Redox Reactions, Catalysis, Environmental Pollution, Tetravalency of Carbon, Biomolecules, Polymers etc.


Which Physics topics are part of the JEE Main 2022 Syllabus PDF?

For the complete list of chapters and topics, please check our JEE Physics syllabus. You can also download the printable IIT-JEE Physics syllabus PDF at TopperLearning. Some of the JEE Physics topics are Photoelectric Effect, Electromagnetic Induction, First Law of Thermodynamics, Application of Biot–Savart Law, Ohm’s Law, Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion, Lens Formula etc.


What will be the Maths chapters to prepare for JEE?

The Maths chapters for JEE include Mathematical Induction, Differential Equations, Binomial Theorem, Sets, Integral Calculus etc. You need to practise the numericals to ensure effective preparation for JEE Main.

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