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I then bring them to
you. You know the
routine by now if you have been on my list for a while.
This one is crazy.
A lot of people rightly so don
t want to see theory. They don
t want
to see subjective. A lot of the times when I come out with p
they are ideas for you to expand on. That is my way. I tell you
what is on my mind and let you run with it. Those that get it like
This product isn
t so much
heavy on
theory as it is just flat out
crazy simple and extremely effective. It isn
t about
potential for
you to run with
to potentially have success
. It just
the box
So for this one I left it to the last minute to show some results of
what is going on here
to prove that this is working as I type this
Would you believe that I
ranked not only on page 1
of Google
the number
one listing
in 6 seconds
on page 1?
This was not

Google Traffic Hacks Unleashed

Search Hacks for Exploding Your Search Engine Traffic

The Best Damn Google Hack
Most webmasters use Google search to guesstimate the amount of competition
surrounding a keyw
Smart webmasters
use Google for a wide array of uses.
One such example is
they use it to find popular trends for their niche. No,
talking about using Google trends even though I have nothing against it. I just
personally think Google trends is
kind of an overrated Google product.
For example,
Google trends display
recent hot
keywords which will most likely be
a news story or related to some entertainment based topic. Most webmasters
don’t have websites in these niches because if they did they
would be in a very
In addition, it’s very difficult to monetize off this market or less you are receiving
ridiculously large amounts of traffic and can sell advertising off your site.
However, what some people don’t realize is that you
can actually modify the
search parameters for Google
for buried, quality, data
. Some of those parameters
To do this is very simple. Visit the Google search engine here:
enter in the keywords that you want to analyze
into the search box.
Now, befor
e you actually query the result
I want you to look at the option labeled
as search tools under the search box as highlighted in the screenshot below:




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